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Truxtun Psychiatric Medical Group, L.P. (TPMG) is committed to providing comprehensive mental health services to persons in Kern county and surrounding areas.

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Program Description

Brand New Day is for people with severe or persistent mental illness. Most health plans help you maintain your physical well-being. This health plan goes beyond treating just your body. Brand New Day is a Medicare Advantage Prescription Plan so comprehensive; it cares for you all of you.

Not only does the Brand New Day cover mental health benefits, it provides an entirely new way of receiving them through collaborative, integrated care.

That means all aspects of your mental and physical treatments are coordinated through a Personal Services Coordinator (Life Coach) assigned to you. This person helps manage your care, your appointments, your medications everything.

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Truxtun Psychiatric Group, L.P.'s Brand New Day Activity Center
820 34th Street
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Program Director

Cindy Engel, LCSW
(661) 371-2525